AVAFlakes S™ Water-Saving Soil Amendment

AVAFlakes S™ Water-Saving Growth Medium Amendment

Available nowhere else, AVAFlakes S™ Water-Saving Growth Medium Amendment, allows you to have the plnts of your dreams while reducing your water consumption by anywhere from 30 to 50%!


How is this possible?  AVAFlakes S™ absorbs water and acts as a reservoir in your plant’s root zone.  This means faster water penetration, less runoff, sturdier plants, sod, and roots, 30-50% water savings, and 25% fertilizer savings - and it lasts for 15 years! (depending on local conditions)

AVAFlakes S™ - How Does It Work?

AVAFlakes S™ is an aminoplast which, when added in flake form to potting soils and composts, produces an ideal growing environment for roots. The result is stronger, more vigorous plants and if used by growers and farms, production time can be reduced.


AVAFlakes S™ Benefits

Avaflakes before and after 3

Without                     With

AVAFlakes S™ Mixed With Your Growing Medium Provides A Variety Of Benefits


Oxygen availability

Lack of oxygen in the root zone has a direct influence on root development and, subsequently, the uptake of nutrients and water.  Because of its open cell structure, AVAFlakes S™ helps ensure that there is always good oxygen content throughout the pot - even if the substrate becomes saturated. The result is more feeder roots, improved water and nutrient uptake, and stronger plants with better branching.


Water Management

The addition of AVAFlakes S™ to compost improves its ability to hold water while also increasing drainage, reducing both the amount of water needed and the time spent watering. Thus, AVAFlakes S™ enriches the growing environment and effectively cuts costs. 


Also, these water-holding properties ensure that plants can be safely transferred from the nursery  to wholesale and retail outlets: even if the growing medium drys out, AVAFlakes S™ greatly improves the re-wetting capabilities of the growing medium.


Nutrient Retention

AVAFlakes S™’ ability to retain water reduces loss of nutrients by leaching, reducing fertilizer need by as much as 25%.


Stronger Root Systems

AVAFlakes stronger root system

Improving the air/water balance results in a stronger, larger root system. The accompanying increase in the number of roots allows for greater uptake of water and nutrients, resulting in healthier plants.


Peat Replacement

As environmental lobbying increases regarding the use of peat, AVAFlakes S™ offers a solution: It does replace peat, peat moss or other soil amendments, like perlite, in growing mixes. This is a cost-effective replacement option, in addition to improving the growing environment for any plant.



AVAFlakes S™ is an aminoplast and contains only organic elements - thus, it is completely biodegradable yet long lasting.

Try It, You Will Love It, We Guarantee It

AVAFlakes S™ Advantages

avaflakes before and after

Biodegradable, organic hard foam flakes - the perfect universal soil amendment!


  • Saves 30% to 50% water

  • Saves 25% fertilizer

  • Holds 60% of its volume in water, 40% in air

  • Increases drainage and aeration in clay soil

  • Greatly improves water retention in sandy soil

  • Promotes root growth, branching, and flower growth

  • Biodegradable yet long lasting, up to 10 years in ornamental - can also be used on sports turf, etc.

  • Keeps your garden dry and reduces water damage

  • Greatly reduces fungus problems in flower beds, flower pots, and planters

  • Has a low pH level, similar to peat moss

  • Reduces salinity

  • Great for shrubs, trees, flower beds, turf, vegetables, indoor plants, pots and planters, and palm trees! 


All plants look and grow better with AVAFlakes S™, as it yields twice the green with only half the water.


Advantages for the Grower using AVAFlakes S™


AVAFlakes S™ provides a number of benefits for the grower during the production cycle.  The root mass develops more quickly and plants produce more branching, developing earlier and finishing faster.  Production time is shortened by 10% or more, depending on the plant species.


Benefits In the Growing Grounds:

AvaFlakes healthy roots
  • Greatly improved soil aeration - AVAFlakes S™ always maintains a minimum of 37% air per volume.


  • AVAFlakes S™ does not reduce available root space in the pot and is fully biodegradable, unlike Perlite and similar products (no flower bed accumulations). AVAFlakes S™ is acidic at first and later adjusts its pH to the surrounding environment.


  • AVAFlakes S™ has no surface charge and dilutes existing salt levels in the plant container.  AVAFlakes S™ is therefore also an ideal medium for Hydroponic applications. In contrast, organic materials accumulate salt (negative charge).


  • AVAFlakes S™ can be quickly re-hydrated, a benefit when used with peat-based mixes.


  • AVAFlakes S™ reduces the need for fertilizer by up to 25% on light nitrogen-based mixes, according  to Dr. Bernhard Leinauer, a plant scientist at New Mexico State University.


Benefits once the finished plants are "on the shelf" at the retail  nursery:

avaflakes before and after 1
  • Root balls retain moisture longer and plants don't dry out as quickly.  Plants are better protected from heat and water stress, and losses "on the shelf" will be greatly reduced.  


  • AVAFlakes S™ distributes water more evenly in the container.  The result is a more even distribution of root mass in the root ball.


  • Plants won’t become over-watered as easily thanks to AVAFlakes S™’ air-retentive qualities. 


  • Water savings in production and on the shelf can be used as a marketing tool for the grower: for example, contributing to the protection of the environment. 


Compost containers are considerably lighter when the peat is substituted for AVAFlakes S™, which can mean a lower transportation cost. 


AVAFlakes S™ is very lightweight and can get dusty during the mixing process.  Solution: Mix a bit of water in the bag to moisten the AVAFlakes S™ before dumping out.  As long as it is damp, it won’t create dust. You can also install simple "dust misters" with PVC pipe on the edge of the mixing container, which will keep the dust down in work areas. 


The question is, which is more expensive: AVAFlakes S™ , or.. 

plant losses, greater water and fertilizer use and longer production time?  The payoff will be big.


AVAFlakes S™ Help Produce Bigger, Healthier Plants.


If you’d like more information, call us today at 909-770-7315.


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