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AVAFlakes S™ Water-Saving

Flakes Soil Amendment

AVANutrients™ Growing Medium Nutrients 

AVAFlakes S™ is a unique soil amendment that absorbs water and acts as a reservoir in your turf and plant's root zone.  This means faster water penetration, less runoff, sturdier plants, sod, and roots, 25-50% water savings, and 25% fertilizer savings - and it lasts for 15 years!


And it is full biodegradable - never having to be removed from the soil.

AVAFlakes S™ improves the air/water balance resulting in a stronger, larger root system.  The accompanying increase in the number of roots allows for a greater uptake of water and nutrients, resulting in healthier plants.


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AVANutrients™ are the highest quality, cleanest, and most pH stable nutrients on the market.

All plants, regardless of the growing medium, need an array of elements to be healthy and achieve maximum growth. 

Air and water supply 3 crucial elements for plant growth; carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.  The remaining elements necessary for healthy plants have to come solely through the plant’s roots.


With AVANutrients™, you have products specifically designed to enhance plant growth and nutrition, without adding chemicals that are environmentally unsafe.   


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Try It, You Will Love It, We Guarantee It



AVAFlakes H™ 

Hydroponic Substrate

For Indoor and Greenhouse Growing


AVANutrients H™ Hydroponic Nutrients 

AVAFlakes H™ is a unique hydroponics substrate that provides the perfect air/water ratio for superior root growth, enabling better uptake of water and essential nutrients,  leading to healthier stronger plants with greater crop yields at a faster rate.


AVAFlakes H™ is sterile and inert, fully biodegradable.


It is lightweight and easy to handle, and impossible to overwet at a maximum 60% saturation, while providing great capillary action


And it is harmless to the environment, fully bio-degradable - keeping you green.  

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AVANutrients H™ are the highest quality, cleanest, and most pH stable nutrients on the market.


Hydroponically grown plants, like all plants, need an array of elements to be healthy and achieve maximum growth. 


Three of these elements—carbon, hydrogen and oxygen—are taken in through the air and water. The remaining have to come solely through the plant’s roots.


With AVANutrients H™, you have products specifically designed for hydroponic use, for both the vegetative and bloom stages.   


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Try It, You Will Love It, We Guarantee It



These solar-powered self-irrigating lamp posts provide the ability to grow up to 25 plants on one post. 


How?  Using AVAFlakes™ soil amendment as the base for the individual plants to grow . 


And, the solar cell at the top powers automatic piping of the water from a reservoir within the post, to handle watering of the plants. 

Did we mention the can include a bee hotel and/or a bird house!!

Imagine the uses:  

Cities can use these to increase green, clean the air, decreasing pollution, and bring more oxygen to areas.  


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The AVAPonix™ mission is to provide superior unique water-saving growing products that increase yields, while decreasing costs and effort.  This is a hard mission that we take seriously.

Many companies say their products are the best.  Ours actually are different, and you will see the difference in growth, health, and yield. 

Commercial Water-Saving Turf and Plant Soil Amendment products uniquely increase yields, decreasing growing time, cut water costs, and are completely environmentally friendly and safe.


Hydroponics products, created specifically for hydroponic growers, are completely biodegradable, never needing removal, and create vigorous healthy growth in shorter time frames.

Try It, You Will Love It, We Guarantee It


V. V.L., Greenhouse Manager: "AVAFlakes S™ has been a proven product at our greenhouse demonstration site.  It is light to handle and easy to use.  Our plants benefit from the good ai to water ratio, which produces a healthy root system."


L. S., Beef Tomato Grower: "For the same amount of me or less, you are buying the same volume of AVAFlakes S™ .. and ou pick more tomatoes."


P. S., Manager: "We have done extensive work with AVAFlakes S™ over a period of time.  It has good moisture content which is spread evenly throughout the whole slab, and as a result we are getting less bent fruit and greater yields.  We are also seeing an improvement in overall plant health.. It is quick and easy to layout.  AVAFlakes S™ is definitely the (hydroponic) growing medium for the future."