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Growing large grass areas for sports fields and golf courses use requires an extensive knowledge of turf grasses along with an expert understanding of maintenance turf practices to provide an optimum playing surface.  


Grasses on sports fields  and golf courses take moderate to severe abuse and then come back for more. Finding the right maintenance program is the key to success.


Even more importantly, large grass areas traditionally require huge amounts of water to maintain an even and playable surface.  This can certainly be costly, but the result of under watering and bad looking sports fields and greens can even be more costly due to fall off of customers.  


Don’t Stop Reading!!!


However, we have a unique water-saving soil amendment that can save the day.  Before you stop reading, be assured this is new and different, not like “water-saving” soil amendments of the past.  This is so different and new, it is guaranteed!!!

AVAGreen™ Water-Saving Soil Amendment

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Available nowhere else, our unique systems and technology allow you to have the field or golf course of your dreams - lush and green and even, while reducing your water consumption by anywhere from 25 to 50%!

How is this possible? With AVAGreen™, a soil amendment foam that absorbs water and acts as a reservoir in your sod’s root zone.  This means faster water penetration, less runoff, sturdier plants, sod, and roots, 25-50% water savings, and 25% fertilizer savings - and it lasts for 15 years!  Nd because it is fully biodegradable - and we are telling the truth here - you never have to remove it!

AVAGreen™ - How Does It Work?

AVAGreen™ is an aminoplast which, when added to your soil, produces an ideal growing environment for roots. The result is stronger, more vigorous turf grass and plants.


AVAGreen™ Provides A Variety Of Benefits:

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Oxygen availability

Lack of oxygen in the root zone has a direct influence on root development and, subsequently, the uptake of nutrients and water.  Because of its open cell structure, AVAGreen™ helps ensure that there is always good oxygen content throughout the lawn - even if the substrate become saturated. The result is more feeder roots, improved water and nutrient uptake, and stronger plants.


Water Management

The addition of AVAGreen™ to soil improves its ability to hold water while also increasing drainage, reducing both the amount of water needed and the time spent watering. Thus, AVAGreen™ enriches the growing environment and effectively cuts costs.  


Nutrient Retention

The AVAGreen™ ability to retain water reduces loss of nutrients by leaching, resulting in a lower volume of required nutrients as well as reduced costs.


Stronger Root Systems

Improving the air/water balance results in a stronger, larger root system. The accompanying increase in the number of roots allows for greater uptake of water and nutrients, resulting in healthier sod.



AVAGreen™ is an aminoplast and contains only organic elements - thus, it is completely biodegradable.  You never need to remove it!

Try It, You Will Love It, We Guarantee It

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AVAGreen™ Advantages:

Biodegradable, organic hard foam flakes - the perfect universal soil amendment!


  • Saves 30% to 50% water

  • Saves 25% fertilizer

  • Holds 60% of its volume in water, 40% in air

  • Increases drainage and aeration in clay soil

  • Greatly improves water retention in sandy soil

  • Promotes root growth, branching, and flower growth

  • Biodegradable yet long lasting, up to 15 years.

  • Greatly reduces fungus problems

  • Has a low pH level, similar to peat moss

  • Reduces salinity

  • In addition to sod, it’s great for shrubs, trees, flower beds, turf, and palm trees!

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Try It, You Will Love It, We Guarantee It

All plants look and grow better with AVAGreen™, as it yields twice the green with only half the water.  Beyond providing a better playing surface, well-maintained sports fields keep athletes safe, and thereby reduce your liability.  Get consistently excellent fields that last for ground up or renovation projects and long-term maintenance.


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